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Services and Fees


I offer services for the largest, and smallest, of wedding ceremonies. It doesn't matter if the ceremony is just the two of you or if we are in front of 200 guests. The attention to detail and the care taken with the ceremony are the same.


Please use the links to the right to navigate this page. If you are ready to select a service, please use the payment buttons below. If you are purchasing more than one service, feel free to visit the Reverend Rob Storefront on Square.


Take care,

Reverend Rob

The Full Ceremony

The Full Ceremony


To the left, are some very happy couples for whom I had the pleasure of performing their wedding ceremony. They are happy because they received The Full Ceremony from The Reverend.


This ceremony includes: 

  • An in-person consultation

  • A customized ceremony that allow you to:

    • ​Change the vows and ring exchanges

    • Change the wording of the ceremony

    • Say your own vows (if you want to)

    • Include a reading or two or three

    • Add a unity ceremony

      • (Click here for more information about unity ceremonies.)


Have it the way you want it.

Books Rev. Rob for your ceremony. 

The Small Ceremony

To the right, are some very happy couples for whom I had the pleasure of performing their wedding ceremony. They are happy because they received The Small Wedding from The Reverend.


This ceremony includes: 

  • A phone consultation

  • A short civil ceremony:

    • ​I will be happy to leave a place in the ceremony for you to say your own vows, or some special words to each other.

    • A ring exchange ceremony

Size does not matter! Go small and have it the way you want it. If you decide you would like The Full Ceremony, you can always upgrade.

The Small Wedding

This is the remainder           of the fee.

Even More Services!!!!

The Reverend has got you covered with services you would expect - and not expect. Please see more information below.

Even More Services!!!!

The Rehearsal


Run everyone through their paces. The Reverend will show you and your wedding party how to get through a ceremony looking like pros. You don't always need a rehearsal, but it can be worth the time and money.

The Small Ceremony Upgrade


Did you get The Small Ceremony and realize that you would like a reading or a unity ceremony. No problem! Upgrade to The Full Ceremony and we can start customizing the ceremony to your heart's content. 

The Rehearsal
Small Ceremony Upgrade

The Friends and Family Celebrant Consultation


In today's world, 50 percent of couples have a friend or family member perform their ceremony. Those couples should have some peace of mind that the person they have chosen to be their wedding celebrant understands the elements of a ceremony, how to deliver it, and how to take care of the marriage license. 

Reverend Rob will meet with the couple and the celebrant-to-be to cover everything you ever wanted to know about performing a wedding ceremony but were afraid to ask. 

The Reverend is the only officiant (that he knows of) who offers this service for the couple.

Friends and Family Celebrant

Ooops! We Forgot the License


There are a lot of things to keep track of when planning a wedding, and some things get overlooked. Like bringing the license to the ceremony. ​

If this happens, don't worry. We can get together within six days and do some quick vows with a witness to keep your date as is. If you want to keep it a secret, I won't tell anyone.

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