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Friends and Family Officiant Consultation


Having a friend or family member perform your wedding ceremony is a way to make the ceremony more personal. It is an honor to be asked to perform a friend's wedding ceremony (I know, that's how I started in this business). 


However, performing a wedding ceremony is about more than saying the right words. It is also about legal paperwork and understanding how the elements of a ceremony fit together to create a wedding that the couple, and the guests, will enjoy.  If you don't know where to begin, I can help with The Friends and Family Officiant Consultation.

My consultation service is a one-hour meeting with the couple and the officiant-to-be.  We discuss the couples' wedding ceremony, what could work well, and the officiant-to-be's comfort level. The goal is to set the stage for a smooth and enjoyable ceremony for everyone. I'll even throw in a couple of templates and some of my favorite readings to round out the package and get you on your way to performing a great ceremony.

In addition, I could be available to help with your wedding rehearsal, if needed. 

Set your friend and family member up to do well in your ceremony.

Consultation Fee: $75 for one-hour. Pay using Square,

Wedding Rehearsal fee: $100.00

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