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About Reverend Rob


I have been married for thirty years, and I have learned a few things along the way. A great marriage is a growth experience for both of the individuals which requires tolerance, compassion, and a healthy sense of humor. I feel these traits are just as important for a healthy life, as they are for a healthy marriage.


My primary ordination is through Universal Life Church with the title of Reverend. I am also ordained as a minister through American Marriage Ministries. And, if you would like to be married by a Dudeist Priest through the Church of Dudeism, I have that ordination as well. That last one was at the urging of my wife and friends, who feel it fits my long hair and beard. As I said, a healthy sense of humor is important. The Reverend abides.



Weddings can happen anywhere, and they can reflect you in any way you would like.


I have married couples in living rooms and on mountain tops, in backyards and by the sea. I have performed Native American smudging ceremonies and performed a wedding in 1800s western period dress.


I am open to performing fun, creative and exciting weddings for couples.


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