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Socially Distanced Ceremonies

The new normal is upon us, and the goals are simple. Be safe. Be healthy. Be married.

Reverend Rob has made changes to his ceremony to meet all three goals.​ He will be happy to perform your ceremony while we are winding our way to the tail end of the pandemic (fingers crossed), with the following in place:

  • Reverend Rob will only offer The Small Ceremony to be performed during this time period

  • Per Governor Gavin Newsom's executive order, teleconference weddings are permitted. Please click here for more information.

  • The wedding must take place outdoors. (Hint: Coronado beaches and parks do not require a permit to hold a small ceremony)

  • No more than ten people will be present at the ceremony (including the couple and Reverend Rob)

  • The couple shall hold their own rings

  • All present (except for the couple) should maintain a six-foot distance from each other

  • Masks must be in use prior to and following the ceremony


For the business end of the ceremony, Reverend Rob will take these measures when working with the witness to sign the license:

  • He will provide a new pack of pens for the the witness to open when signing the license

  • He will work with the witness to complete the paperwork while maintaining a social distance

  • The license will be returned to the couple in order to be mailed to the county office

Can your wedding still be fun and reflect you during this time? Of course it can!. Like many things in life, it is what you make of it. Be safe. Be healthy. Be married.

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