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The Reverend Rob Sound System


No DJ? Need sound? No problem. Reverend Rob has you covered.

The Reverend Rob Sound System can:

  • Provide a lapel microphone for Reverend Rob.

  • Provide a handheld microphone for the couple's vows and for someone performing a reading. Provide the ability for you to have your music  played for the pre-processional, processional and recessional (you provide the device and a person to run the music).

Cost = $100.00 

Note: If you have hired a DJ or person to perform music for the ceremony, Reverend Rob comes packing his own wireless lapel microphone. Most DJs are friendly enough to allow the Reverend to plug into their board. 


The Reverend Rob Sound System is built for a wedding ceremony. Reverend Rob's gear includes twoAudio-Technica System 10 Digital Wireless Microphone Systems. Reverend Rob uses an omni-directional lavelier (tie tack) microphone, and the couple is heard using a hand-held microphone.

The System 10 is a pure-digital, 2.4 Gigahertz system. There is no need to worry about radio interference or a microphone stand in your wedding pictures.

A Berhinger 40-watt public address system is used to provide the sound and the whole setup is powered using a Goal Zero power pack which means I don't worry about where the electrical outlets are located. If a friend or family member would like to play music via Bluetooth, that is also an option.

If you want to be heard during your wedding ceremony, The Reverend Rob Sound System would be a perfect option for you.

The Reverend Rob Sound System Q & A


Q: You're a wedding officiant. What do you know about sound systems?


A: In a past life, I worked at a radio station, I have experience working with live sound, and I play with sound equipment as a hobby. As an officiant, I know the needs of the officiant and the couple when it comes to providing sound for the wedding. 


Q: Do you need an extension cord?


A: Nope. The wireless systems are powered by a Goal Zero power pack (don't worry, it's silent) and the public address system is battery operated.

Q: Does that mean that your system can be used anywhere? Can we use it for a beach wedding?

A: Yes, it can be used anywhere. However, check with the city where your ceremony will be held to see if  a permit is needed to have live sound.

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