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This is where you can make the payment to hire Reverend Rob to perform your wedding ceremony. All payments can be paid by check or credit card. If paying by check, please send the payment to: Reverend Rob, PO Box 403, La Mesa, CA 91944.

The Full Ceremony - $240.00



The Small Ceremony- $125.00


One For You, One For Them - $325.00

The Rehearsal - $100.00

If you are doing a full ceremony, you should hold a rehearsal. Let' talk about your ceremony, and you can decide if you need me to be there. It's nice if you have me there, but you don't have to.


The Friends and Family Celebrant Consultation

A one-hour consultation with Reverend Rob, the couple and the Celebrant-To-Be. We will talk about the couple's ceremony and how that friend or family members can be their best at performing the ceremony for the couple. Click here for more information.


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